Seminar theme: Economics of Contracts – shaping the future of contracting

Economics of contracts is a foundational theory behind modern day contracting which fundamentally explores the information, design and incentives within a contract.

Through leading practices in contract management, relationship management and contract performance management, contract and commercial managers are properly equipped to reduce value leakage from using robust contracting methodologies and techniques.

Adopting leading practice in contract management, coupled with the economics of contracts, contract and commercial managers are well positioned to move up the maturity curve and extract maximum value for their organisation throughout the contract lifecycle.

During this one-day seminar you will hear from expert speakers and leading companies, sharing up-to-date knowledge and in-depth practical tips about contract management, relationship management and contract performance management.

Topics in Focus

  • Digital contract management solutions - services, adoption and challenges
  • Developing a contract - understanding the legal, commercial & relational concepts
  • Executing the contract - stakeholder engagement, kick-off and implementation
  • Managing the contract - monitoring performance, controlling change, managing relationships
  • Unpacking modern day challenges and solutions facing contract professionals
  • Smart contracts - a straightforward process requiring no additional intervention

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