Workshop theme: Negotiating smartly throughout the contract lifecycle

Every contract has a lifecycle, from identifying the need and developing the contract, through to negotiating and managing the contract to close out.

Throughout the contract lifecycle, negotiation plays a key role in that the tactics, strategies and methodologies are used during all of the lifecycle phases. This would include internal and external stakeholder engagement and change management, reaching agreement on the SOW, KPIs and SLAs, negotiating with third parties and implementing and managing the contract with relevant stakeholders. Negotiation skills are fundamental to the success of contract lifecycle management.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • Reach agreement on requirements, sourcing options and evaluation criteria
  • Debate meaningful SoWs, KPIs and SLAs with stakeholders
  • Managing the tendering and/or RFP process and awarding the contract - using the right dialogue
  • Negotiating the contract with the third party - "battle of the forms"
  • Obtaining buy-in for contract implementation - effective stakeholder and change management
  • Contract close-out - exchanging information and making trade offs

      Facilitated By: Nettie Kader

      Nettie Kader,
  Principal Associate,
   Bespoke CfSD Group

Facilitated by Angela Obree, Principal Associate at Bespoke CfSD Group

Nettie Kader is MCIPS qualified with more than 20 years' experience in Procurement and Supply Chain Management (P&SCM) with an increased focus on procurement transformation, refinement of processes and practices including contract management. She has deep insights and experience across both private and public sectors.

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